Steins Collect

The Steins Collect: Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisian Avant-Garde

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

2012 Dedalus Foundation Exhibition Catalogue Award Winner


This richly-illustrated exhibition catalogue explores the impact of Gertrude Stein, her brother Leo and Michael, and Michael's wife Sarah, on Parisian culture and on European and American art and artists. It introduces a great deal of new information and ideas in relation to a subject that many might have thought was already known. It includes hundreds of visual images and more than a dozen thought-provoking texts, which explore in-depth a number of interesting subjects, including the sources of Leo's aesthetic theories in the thought of William James and Bernard Berenson, Sarah and Michael's role in founding Matisse's art academy, and Gertrude's complex relationship with Picasso, as well as the intense rivalries that developed among family members in relation to various artists and ideas.


The Steins Collect not only presents in detail the remarkable art collection put together by these American expatriates, but also explores the ways in which they created a new standard of taste for Modern Art.