Senior Fellowship

The Dedalus Foundation’s Senior Fellowship program is intended to encourage and support critical and historical studies related to painting, sculpture and allied arts from 1940-1991, with a preference shown to Abstract Expressionism.

Under this program, fellowships are awarded to writers and scholars who have demonstrated their abilities through previous accomplishments and who are not currently matriculated for academic degrees. Applicants must be citizens of the United States. Fellowship stipends vary according to the needs of the specific project, with a maximum of $30,000.

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Joshua I. Cohen


Sandra Zalman

Senior Fellowship Application Requirements

Senior Fellowship Application Requirements

Please submit the following information to us as a single PDF, using Times New Roman, 12pt. typeface. Applications should not be larger than 10 MB, and should be emailed to prior to September 15, 2022.  If you do not receive confirmation of our receiving your application within 10 days, please contact us.



Applicant Information


Preferred Pronoun 


Phone Number


Current Professional Position (Title/Affiliation)


Project Information

Title or Nature of Proposed Project

Brief Description of Project (150 word limit)

Work Completed to Date (400 word limit)

Project Statement: Provide a brief statement (2,000 word limit) describing your proposed project. Address its significance for the general understanding of modern art and modernism. Indicate where the research and writing are to be undertaken and expectations of publication of the results.


Budget Statement

The fellowship is for a maximum of $30,000Please create a simple budget with the following line items: Living Expenses, Travel, Research, Other (specify), Total.



Biographical Statement: Provide a brief statement (750 word limit) describing your background, preparation, relevant experience and particular interests.


Curriculum Vitae: Provide your Curriculum Vitae, including publications you have authored.


Conclude this section with a statement verifying that you are a U.S. Citizen


Provide the names, phone numbers and email addresses for three referees.


Please instruct your referees to submit their letters directly to the Dedalus Foundation by September 16. Letters may be emailed as PDFs to