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Advertisement for the Robert Motherwell School of Fine Art, autumn 1949
Autumn 1949

The Robert Motherwell School of Fine Art opens in a loft at 61 Fourth Avenue, between Ninth and Tenth Streets. Motherwell’s students include several from Subjects of the Artist. He holds classes twice a week and uses the space as his studio the remainder of the time. Shortly after the school opens, Bradley Walker Tomlin begins sharing the studio with him. Tomlin introduces Motherwell to Philip Guston, who becomes a close friend.

The loft previously used for The Subjects of the Artist reopens as Studio 35, under the leadership of three New York University professors, Tony Smith, Hale Woodruff and Robert Iglehart. Studio 35 continues the Friday night talks begun under Motherwell at the Subjects of the Artist, and he acts as an advisor for the lecture series and introduces many of the talks.

Another group of artists, led by sculptor Philip Pavia, and including Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline, rent the loft next door to Studio 35, at 33 Eighth Street. They name their new space the Club, and begin their own series of public discussions. Over the next decade, the Club becomes the intellectual and social anchor of the downtown scene.