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Motherwell’s "Ark Curtain," 1953 (18 x 7 ft. [5.49 x 2.13 m]), a tapestry created for the Temple Beth El synagogue, Springfield, Mass. The tapestry was woven by Edwards Fields Inc.
Late Autumn 1952-June 1953

Motherwell accepts a commission for an 18 x 7 foot tapestry to be installed in a new synagogue in Springfield, Massachusetts being designed by Percival Goodman. Motherwell’s work on the tapestry inspires several new paintings including La Danse II and La Danse III (P138 and P139) and Fishes with Red Stripe (W19). The finished tapestry, Ark Curtain, is exhibited in Art for a Synagogue at the Kootz Gallery, May 22-June 6.