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Robert Motherwell, standing, at Black Mountain College, August 1951. Seated, in front of him is Betty Motherwell, and her daughter Cathy, along with three unidentified student helpers. At the left can be see one of the panels of his "The Wall of the Temple" the mural for the Congregation B’nai Israel synagogue, Millburn, New Jersey. Behind Motherwell are several studies for the project.
October 3-20, 1951

Art for a Synagogue is shown at the Kootz Gallery. The exhibition features Percival Goodman’s designs the Congregation B’nai Israel synagogue in Millburn, New Jersey and the artworks commissioned for it by Adolph Gottlieb, Herbert Ferber and Motherwell’s eight by sixteen foot mural for the building, The Wall of the Temple (P114). The artworks are installed in the new synagogue the following spring.