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Robert Motherwell, standing, at Black Mountain College, August 1951. Seated, in front of him is Betty Motherwell, and her daughter Cathy, along with three unidentified student helpers. At the left can be see one of the panels of his "The Wall of the Temple" the mural for the Congregation B’nai Israel synagogue, Millburn, New Jersey. Behind Motherwell are several studies for the project.
August 1951

Motherwell teaches the summer session at Black Mountain College in North Carolina, where he works on the synagogue mural commission (P114). The faculty includes Harry Callahan, Lou Harrison, Charles Olson, M.C. Richards, and Aaron Siskind. Motherwell's students include Robert Rauschenberg and Cy Twombly. Shortly after meeting Twombly, Motherwell writes Samuel Kootz and recommends that he give the young artist an exhibition in New York.