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Artists’ sessions at Studio 35, April 21-13, 1950. From left to right: Seymour Lipton, Norman Lewis, Jimmy Ernst, Peter Grippe, Adolph Gottlieb, Hans Hofmann, Alfred H. Barr Jr., Motherwell, Richard Lippold, Willem de Kooning, Ibram Lassaw, James Brooks, Ad Reinhardt, and Richard Poussette-Dart. Photo by Aaron Siskind.
Spring 1950

Motherwell writes the catalogue essay for David Smith's exhibition at the Marion Willard Gallery (March 27-April 21). Motherwell and Robert Goodnough moderate a three-day symposium (April 21-23), with twenty-five artists and Museum of Modern Art curator Alfred H. Barr, Jr. at Studio 35 to mark the closing of the school; a transcript of the symposium will later be published as the ''Artist Sessions at Studio 35.''