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"Pancho Villa, Dead and Alive," 1943, Oil, gouache, pasted wood veneer, pasted papers, and ink on paperboard 28 x 35⅞ in. (71.1 x 91.1 cm) The Museum of Modern Art, Purchase
January-May 1944

Motherwell publishes ''Painter's Objects'' in the January issue of the Partisan Review.

Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) dies February 1. Motherwell attends his funeral in New York and in the weeks that follow visits his studio. With the artist Harry Holtzman, executor of Mondrian's estate, Motherwell plans to publish Mondrian's writings in the Documents of Modern Art series.

Peggy Guggenheim acquires Personage (Autoportrait) (P8) from First Exhibition of... (April 11-30) at Art of This Century. Pancho Villa, Dead and Alive (P7) is shown in the gallery's second Spring Salon for Young Artists (May 9-June 3), and is acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.