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Poster announcing the Subjects of the Artist school, Autumn 1948
Autumn 1948

Motherwell moves back to New York and finds an apartment at 343 West Fourteenth Street. The decision is prompted both by his plans for the school and the hope that a change of scenery can save his marriage with Maria. Motherwell and Baziotes join the Betty Parsons Gallery. On October 11 The Subjects of the Artist school opens for its first semester. The school's name, suggested by Newman, is meant to emphasize that even the most abstract art has subjects. Nearly fifteen students enroll. With the fifth day of classes left open by Still's departure, Motherwell organizes a series of Friday night talks by artists; among the first are Herbert Ferber and Ad Reinhardt. When the talks prove more popular than expected, Motherwell asks Newman to help in their organization.

Wassily Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art, with an introduction by Motherwell, Jean (Hans) Arp’s On My Way and Max Ernst’s Beyond Painting, both with a preface by Motherwell, are published as the fifth, sixth and seventh volumes in the Documents of Modern Art.