Exhibition History

This exhibition history is based on the List of Exhibitions in Robert Motherwell Paintings and Collages: A Catalogue Raisonné 1941-1991. It includes all exhibitions in which paintings, collages, and paintings on paper by Robert Motherwell were shown and is organized chronologically, with solo and group exhibitions listed separately within each year.

If an exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue, brochure, or checklist, that is indicated in parentheses, and such publications are listed here and not in the Bibliography. The catalogue raisonné numbers are given for all known paintings and collages in each exhibition; but neither drawings nor prints are listed. When a work in an exhibition could not be identified, it is listed under a descriptive title or the title given by the institution (preceded by “unidentified”) in the entry for that exhibition. Brackets are used to designate information about which positively certain.

Reviews of exhibitions are cited with the author’s name and the year of publication. This abbreviated form corresponds to the way publications are referred to throughout the catalogue raisonné, and allows the reader to locate the full citation in the Bibliography.

Significant exhibitions of drawings are listed and are noted by the phrase “drawings only,” at the end of the citation. When it is uncertain which works were included in an exhibition, the phrase “works unknown” appears at the end of the citation.

When an exhibition catalogue or brochure includes a text or statement by Motherwell, that is noted in parentheses within the citation. See the Bibliography for a complete list of Motherwell’s published writings as well as a comprehensive selection of his unpublished writings.

This selection of Robert Motherwell’s most important solo and group exhibitions is illustrated with installation photographs and other documents.